Start Today.

To do our most effective work we need a team of volunteers in every corner of New York City. Sign up now to help us out, and recruit your friends to sign up as well.

Almost every day there are protest activities, forums and the educational events, and more happening all around NYC. We want to get information about April 29th out to the people who come to these events.

We want to get word out to as many people throughout NYC as possible.

We often need to make calls to let people know about meetings, events or other important information. You can make calls from your home or you can come to our office to help make calls.

We are working with groups around NYC that want to get buses for their members and constituents, and we are selling bus tickets to individuals who might not be on a group bus.

Let us know if you have a specific skill or if you have an idea for some way you can be helpful.

People’s Climate Movement — New York, 2017.

Contact us at peoplesclimatenyc@gmail.com


Photo by Lisa Larson-Walker